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What Type Of Paint Is Best For Interior Walls?

To redefine the interior appeal of your property Pro Painters Melbourne, choosing the right paint colours can do wonders. From vibrant hues to sober pastels, wall paint can make or break your mood. You can choose a colour for every room depending on its use. Since every space has its own use and every space is different from others, try adding varying hues throughout the property. Consider using custom paint colours, types, and glosses to revamp the beauty of your interiors.

Whether you are planning to paint just one room or the entire space in your home, interior house painters Melbourne can provide the right colour consultation for bedroom, basement, kitchen, ceiling, bathroom, trim, cabinets, and a lot more spaces.

Here are some paint ideas elaborated by expert residential painters to help you make an ideal choice:

· Best Bedroom Paint

From bedrooms with single coffered ceilings to ones with wooden trims, a local painting company Melbourne can assist you in selecting the best paint for bedroom. Since these rooms are meant for relaxing and good sleep, they are usually the low-impact areas inside a property and can be painted with any colour you love.

Paint Idea: Pastel interior wall paint with 100 per cent acrylic latex and flat or a greater sheen.

· Best Living Room Paint

When it comes to living rooms that are used most, the interior paint that delivers the best result is satin paint that need not be the most robust one, especially if there are kids in the house. You may need a washable paint that can easily wipe out the stains on the wall without leaving any marks.

Paint Idea: Satin interior wall paint with 100 per cent acrylic latex and flat, eggshell, or satin sheen.

· Best Kitchen Paint

Whether your house has a large open contemporary kitchen or a closed traditional one, kitchens are usually braced with grease, oil stains, food spills and a lot more. Avoid flat or matte paint applications as they are usually hard to wipe down.

Paint Idea: Glossy interior wall paint with latex enamel and satin, eggshell, or semi-gloss sheen.

· Best Bathroom Paint

Bathroom is that place in your house that attracts high moisture and water stains. If you are planning to get your bathroom painted, a residential painting company Melbourne can help you out. Paints with glossy sheens and latex enamel will work the best for your interiors.

Paint Idea: Premium interior wall paint with latex enamel and satin or high glossy sheen.

· Best Ceiling Paint

Ceilings are the backbone of your household and are mostly flat or sloppy. You often have witnessed the ceilings painted flat white or with light colours as they reflect light and improve the brightness inside a property.

Paint Idea: Flat white interior wall paint with latex enamel and flat or matte sheen.

· Best Basement Paint

Other than bathroom, the other place you can find moisture is the basement. Since it is underground, chances are you’ll always find it wet and damp. If your basement is a damp one and gives off water vapours, consider painting it with elastic paints with specially formulated basement primers.

These paints with latex acrylic and glossy sheen have elastic properties. Since damp walls elongate in cold weather, elastic paints accommodate all sorts of compression and elongation.

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